Monday, April 09, 2007

Where Did the Corncob Come From?

Can someone tell us why there is a corncob sitting outside on our bedroom window sill? Maybe one of the condo maintenance men was eating lunch and decided to leave us the left-overs? Or did a squirrel drag it from the park across the street? Did Brian and Tiana find it for 70% off at Dominicks and think it would be a nice treat for Ben? What if it just grew out of the brick and we'll see more to come? Is it from a Field of Dreams?

What do YOU think?

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The Last Hour Blog said...

I think it was left by P.S. Berch esq. last July after our wedding. Think... summer... Pat staying up late...needs a snack...decides to go outside cause he is always antsy.... and just left it there.

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