Monday, April 27, 2009

Hanging with my Sister in Colorado

I've been in Colorado since Friday visiting my sister. We ate at a restaurant called Casa Bonita the night I arrived, which is an all-you-can-eat Mexican restaurant with a ton of entertainment, including cliff divers, gorillas, arcade games, haunted cave, mariachi band and more! Saturday, we drove around Fort Collins and Loveland to do a little sight seeing, then headed to Colorado Springs to celebrate a friend's birthday. We stayed the night in "the springs" and then woke up the next morning and drove to Estes Park to see the elk. Sunday night we changed into our pj's and ate some Papa John's pizza while watching a chick flick. Today, I rode along with my sister as she worked and did some property adjustments. Best part? We stopped for lunch at Pei Wei. Delish!

Now, we are getting ready to watch another chick flick. Heaven! :) How often can I just be lazy and watch a movie with my sis?

The weather has been chilly and a little rainy, but it's been nice to just relax with my sister. I'm going home tomorrow...when the weather is warming up. But, we'll have part of the day to enjoy some of it.

Meanwhile, Ben is in California for a speaking gig at The Master's College. Maybe I can convince him to blog an update about his trip when he returns. :)

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