Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Garage Sale

Saturday, six (or seven) gal pals and I got our unwanted treasures together to sell in a garage sale at our house. Even though we didn't make much money, we had a ton of fun!

We spent a lot of time just buying each others' items.

The hubbies even hung out for a while... and came across "heaven on wheels."

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Milwaukee Adventures

Friday we headed to Milwaukee and stayed overnight at the DoubleTree downtown. We had a great time just exploring the city since neither one of us had been there before. We didn't have an agenda and didn't research anything, yet it still ended up being a wonderful trip!

After checking into the hotel, we walked down to the lake (Lake Michigan) and saw the amazing art museum that looks like a tremendous white space ship! Then, we decided to hop on the free trolley and took a half hour "tour" of the city. During this tour we drove by some interesting neighborhoods that we made note to check out later.We got off the trolley at Cathedral Square where the Bastille Days festival was being held. We spent some time there checking out the entertainment and booths. I even tried some strawberries crepes!Then, we headed down to one of the neighborhoods we saw on the trolley, call Historic Third Ward. I would recommend this area to anyone visiting Milwaukee. It's a must! There is a public market there where I fell in love. We had dinner in this neighborhood at a place called The Wicked Hop. My meal was fantastic!Even though we were having such a nice time, we didn't feel all that comfortable walking around at night time, so we headed back to the hotel and chilled for the rest of the evening. In the morning we packed to go home but stopped again at the public market to grab breakfast and see the outdoor art booths.If you live nearby, go to Milwaukee for a day visit. It's worth the quick trip! On the way back you can stop at the Gurnee Mills outlet mall (like we did!). Ben found a cheap little toy there... a remote control car! ha!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Tonight we celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Can you believe it's been THREE years!? I'm so joyful to be with a man that loves me *almost* as much as I love him :) and ecstatic that it has only been 3 years because that means there are many many more to come!
Yesterday, July 9, was our actual anniversary, but we celebrated tonight with dinner reservations at The Capital Grille. Our time there was such a nice dining experience. Our waiter was just wonderful and the entire staff treated us like special guests.

We ordered an appetizer (bacon-wrapped mozzarella with tomatoes), a chop salad, our steaks, a side, wine, and then they came out with a complimentary appetizer and dessert!
This was definitely the most expensive meal Ben and I have ever had together, but thanks to some good friends of our who gave us a gift card, we were able to have such an affordable, great experience! They even used their camera to take a picture of us and printed it into a card.Last night, Ben surprised me by telling me he booked a Double-tree hotel stay in Milwaukee for Friday night. So, we will be heading there tomorrow. It's about 100 miles away...so definitely do-able. Not sure what is on the agenda, but our hotel is right in the city and near some shopping district! Hmmmm..... :)

Happy anniversary Ben! I've loved you for 3 years... and will love you even more for the rest of our lifetime!

Monday, July 07, 2008

College Family Back Together Again!!

The Russell's (Devin and Marlena) and the Lindsey's (Chris, Vicki & Genna) traveled to visit us for the holiday weekend. They came in Thursday night and left Monday morning. We had so much fun seeing each other and experiencing some time in Chicago.

Friday, we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo (again). It is fun however many times you go! Always something new to see! Genna especially loved the apes...
...and the polar bear.Later that night, we hung out at the Dalings' house and watched the Wheaton fireworks.

Saturday, Marlena and I had the chance to babysit Genna and take her to the French Market with us while Chris and Vicki had some "date time" and saw Wicked. Devin and Ben golfed. In the evening, we went to Claim Jumper with some friends from church.

Sunday, we headed to church then to Sweet Tomatoes (Marlena's request) for lunch. Devin and Marlena had to head home to Nashville after that, but Chris and Vicki ..and Genna.. stayed for another night.After Genna's nap on Sunday, we headed to our community pool, or more like waterpark, and had a blast! We discovered the tubing slide and all went down it a few times.
Genna loved the water!I'm sad that they are all now gone, but it makes it even more fun to see each other again! I'm just glad they had this chance to visit.The best part was having my crazy college girlfriends around once again!

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