Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wii Mii

I spent last Wednesday through Sunday with my family in Grand Rapids. My company sent me to a seminar on Thursday and Friday in GR, so I stayed with my parents in Rockford. It is always nice to spend time with them, especially when it is an extended amount of time like this weekend. To top off the fun, my older sister Angie (who lives in Colorado with her husband) flew to GR to visit Friday through Sunday! It was fun having the family back together again...the four girls with the daddy! hehe Dad loves it...

Wednesday, I arrived at about 4pm. We ate a quick dinner then headed to church for Wednesday night service. I'll have to admit, we took off early so we could catch American Idol. shhhh... don't tell! :) Then Thursday I had the seminar, but luckily the trainer let us out an hour early so I was able to rush home and spend a good lot of the evening with my family. Again, we watched the results show of AI...(couldn't believe the results...boooo!) Then Friday was the last day of the seminar... and the trainer let us off early once again...but this time almost 2 hours early! yes! This worked out exceptionally well since Angie flew in and arrived at our parents' only 10 minutes before I arrived! Perfect!

Angie's arrival was a surprise for Dad. We had to wait a few hours for him to get home from work, so we decided to play my little sister's Wii. We planned on playing the bowling game, but we got distracted with creating our avatars. See, on Wii you can create little characters to look like you...and use them for your gamer. So we had the time of our lives creating little people to look just like our family members! I've attached pics.

Dad was so happy to have his girls at home together again. We chilled out at home for the rest of the night and ordered pizza from Marinades in downtown Rockford. Rockford, MI is a very cute little town. We enjoyed picking up the pizza and soaking in some of the downtown ambience.

Mom, Angie, and I took off Saturday morning to get donuts at Robinettes, but to our dismay it was closed for the season. :( I knew they didn't serve cider year round, but I thought for sure they kept their donut shop opened year round. Oh well.. I guess it is something to look forward to in the fall. So we headed to downtown Grand Rapids and spent the next few hours at the Women's Expo gathering free samples and coupons. We then headed home to meet up with Dad and Rachelle (my little sister) for dinner at Old Chicago. Yummmmmy! After dinner we enjoyed dessert at Marble Slab Creamery...holy cow! Then, headed home and made MORE food!! My family is allll about the food! We wanted to make something new for my food blog since this is one of the very very few times all the "Knapp girls" would be together. So we made Mini Baked Wonton Cups (see my food blog).

Sunday was church, then a quick lunch and nap before heading home to Wheaton. I really missed Ben while I was gone, but it was fun to see my family once again. I arrived home in Wheaton about 4:30pm. We relaxed and unpacked, then the Quinn's came over to eat a kid-themed dinner...Mac'n Cheese, hot dogs, and french fries. We then headed to McD's for Shamrock Shakes!

Now that I'm back home, we are enjoying the warm weather. Today was a high of 77 degrees! wow! So Ben and I washed our cars...inside and out! They are sparkling clean now! Now we are watching the dreadful two hours of American Idol. My faves at this point... Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, Chris Sligh, Lakisha...? Who are your's? :) I actually think this season isn't very good. Do you agree?


Glenn and Angie said...

That was such a great time and sooo funny making those mii's. It even caused a couple of snorts to come out of me.. ha!!! Too bad Glenn looks like a little blonde midget, ha!!!

Mike & Michelle said...

your mii's are so cute. Mike made me a mii too.

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