Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Farewell Snow

This last weekend was a pretty fun one! We started it off by hanging out with our new growth group on Friday night while volunteering at the church for a ministry called "Feed My Starving Children". This organization sets up stations for volunteers to come and put together food packages to send to third world countries. During the weekend, our church made over 200,000 packaged meals which will serve 566 kids for a year! Afterwards, our group went to McDonald's...the one in Naperville with a ginormous play area because we are one of only a few couples in our group that do not have kids. Then, we came home, called the Quinns and went to their place to watch the movie The Departed. Oh wow... what a surprising movie.

Then we completed our normal Saturday morning routine which consists of sleeping in, working out, and cleaning. Although, I didn't actually finish cleaning because lunch time creeped up on us and right afterwards we decided we needed to get out of our hibernation mode and go sledding! We stopped at Walmart, bought the cheapest saucers in stock, and once again called the Quinns. So the four of us started at a popular neighborhood sledding spot. After clobbering a few 5 and 6 year olds on our sleds, we decided we better find a new hill. We packed in our little golf cart (VW jetta wagon) and took off to find ourselves a mountain. Well, we found our mountain, but didn't have the $3/person cash on us to rent the tubes to go down it! We didn't give up and instead parked the car, walked across the frozen lake and to a secluded hill. After a few times down, others followed and before long the hill was packed with sledders so again it was time for us to leave. But, this time, we were frozen, fulfilled and basically out of breath so we headed home.

The Quinns
We dropped off the Quinns and got home just in time to clean up and go to the movies with the Beales. Breach was the movie of the night. My very quick review... Knowing it was a true story made it a great movie for me. Afterwards, we hit up Chili's and then headed to bed to get some good rest before the 8:45 am church service the next day.

So Sunday was church, then lunch with the Quinns and dinner at our Sunday School teacher's home with some other new couples in the church, along with the pastor and his wife. We were able to get to know some neat people that night and really enjoyed ourselves.

Now it is Tuesday and we are watching American Idol. Chris Sligh (our fave) performed a few contestants ago. Simon wasn't too thrilled with his performance, but Randy and Paula loved it. I think he's going to go pretty far in the competition. In fact, there are many polls out there that are choosing him as the winner!

The snow is melting away. It is finally warming up here... to the 30s and 40s. I'll take it!!


Lucy P said...

Nashville got up to the 60's with sunshine this week! I don't know how long it will last...but I'm wishing warm thoughts for you guys up there!

Glenn and Angie said...

gosh it has been in the 60's here then BAM another blizzard comes through.. but then five hours later, sunshine and blue skies and 50's again.. so strange. you just never know what colorado weather is going to do.

Clayton said...

when is ben going to post a blog about him having the house to himself and gets to play halo all day long and eat oreos & ice cream til he falls asleep? i wanna read that blog!

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