Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'Irish' I Was Chef Duff

A few days before St. Patricks Day, Ben decided he wanted to take his shot at being Chef Duff from the Food Network's 'Ace of Cakes'. If you haven't seen this show, please spend a moment to set your TiVo or DVR to record an episode before reading the rest of this posting... You will not be disappointed. :)

Ace of Cakes is a show about a cake bakery (Charm City Cakes) located in downtown Baltimore that is owned by baker, Duff Goldman, former graffiti artist. Duff hired a few of his best friends and started his business making cakes with no limit in creativity. Dream up any cake and the staff at Charm City Cakes can make it for you! (At a pricey cost for sure...) Check them out at .

Ben and I watch this show together all the time. After each episode, Ben remarks " I can do that". haha! Finally, last week he made a move to prove it.

For those of you that know Ben and his "abilities" in the kitchen, you should be laughing about now. I found a cake recipe on the Internet and helped Ben put together his creation. We agreed it should be simple, so we made a double layered chocolate-coffee cake. Because Ace of Cakes always has a 'theme' to each of their cakes, we decided to make the cake's icing green for St Patty's day!

So I'm leaving you with some pictures of Ben's cake. Although the turnout isn't perfect, the cake is still a sight to see. I'm so proud of him! :)


Emily said...

I finally saw that show--actually I saw it the same day that we talked about it. And he definitely was the same guy I thought he was. I want to see final pictures of Ben's cakes?! Tell him good job!

Nate said...

I am on to you man! Now I can keep tabs on what you are up to! :)

Lucy P said...

When I read this, I think about Ben's story of his first attempts at making pancakes and laugh!

So--I don't really know blogging etiquette...I responded to your comment on my blog. Should I have put it here? Hmm...well, here's a note to say that I put a response on my own blog!

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