Friday, February 09, 2007

Snow Birds

We want to be snow birds this winter. Meaning, we want to migrate to the south, to the warm weather, away from this bitterly cold windy city. My grandparents do it, so why can't we? Maybe we should go stay with them in the southern tip of Florida. Grandma? Would you mind?

It has just been so cold! The other day on my way to work it was -10 degrees!!! Yikes! Emily and Aaron, I bet you are not missing Chicago one bit this time of year. Lucky are you to be in sunny California! To my friends in Nashville... you might be a little cold, but you can never know the depths of it until you come visit us in the dead of the winter. Except for Kristin...since she is an original Michigander. Mom and Dad Knapp, you may think you are worse off because you have the cold temps along with the layers of snow...but, well...yes, I guess you are worse off! Mom and Dad Gladd, I don't even know what the weather is there! I bet it's a bit cold. Chris and Vicki - oh I'm so glad you made it home safely in the snow you had!

So that is my evaluation of the weather. I'm sitting on the sofa every night with a big fluffy blanket that keeps me warm while I surf the Internet and check my email...and of course, watch American Idol. Ben has been sucking down the hot cocoa his Aunt Maryann bought us for Christmas. He's addicted. Probably has about 3 glasses a day! There are three different flavors... white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Tonight we are attending our first small group gathering at our new church. We're excited because this group consists of quite a few fun young couples. They are reading a book and discuss it each week. I'm not sure what the book's title is, but this week is about "Sin and the Promise of Grace". The chapter discusses how grace goes right along with sin because grace is needed for someone to open up about their sins. If the individual does not feel like his friends/family will show grace towards him when he reveals his sins, then he is more likely to hide his sins. Conversely, if he knows his friends or family are loving and will show him grace no matter his faults, he will be more apt to share his struggles and accept their help for battling through it.

This reminds me that we should be mindful of showing our love and willingness to accept our friends' and family's faults. We can not be judging of others, for judgment belongs to only One in His own time. If we judge, we will shut those out that are seeking a brother or sister to help them through their trials. My prayer today is that I may be more loving and less judging.

We need to leave now for small group. Exciting news... it's supposed to warm up tomorrow to high of 20 degrees!! More later!


Emily said...

Yeah...we're not missing the weather so much! My mom is here right now to escape the cold! We are going to the beach tomorrow.....I'll think of you :)

Glenn and Angie said...

We just returned from Mexico where it was 85 degrees and sunny everyday. But I can't complain.. Sunday it was 60 degrees here in Colorado and today in the 50's and all that snow we did get is FINALLY melting... yaaaa.. at least the snow sticks around where I like it best.. in the mountains. :)

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