Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chris Sligh...the Hoff will Cry!

We were finally able to see our favorite American Idol contestant last night during the Birmingham auditions. Chris Sligh. Ben knows him from Bob Jones University. If you missed the show last night, on need to find his audition posted on the Internet somewhere. I know it's on Youtube, just do a search. He's freaking hilarious, so I know you all will get a kick out of him.

He made a comment that was priceless. The judges asked him "Why are you here?" And he said "I want to make David Hasselhoff cry." He was referring to last year's season finale when Taylor was announced as the winner. The camera panned to David Hasselhoff who was clearly teared up from the moment.

There are message boards, videos, blogs, etc posted all over the Internet in just the last 24 hours about Chris. The people LOVE him! I could not find ONE trashing on him. Not one! This is such a good sign. We are very excited for him.

Stay tuned...there will be a website going up pretty soon with Chris Sligh fan products. You can find the site at Again, it's not running quite yet...but should be next week sometime!

As far as what is going on lately in our lives (me and Ben), we have been attending a new church, Naperville Presbyterian. We really enjoy it and met today at Caribou Coffee with the Director of Growth Groups so we can try to find a small group fit for us. So pray that we find the perfect one for us so we can start connecting with others in the church.

Ben is moving right along with his dissertation. The plan so far is that he will defend in February. No! Not this next month....NEXT February (2008). Our plans to study in London this Fall have hit a bit of a bump since we found out a few days ago that it will cost twice as much as we originally thought! I guess that's another prayer request you can add to your list for us. It's not looking too good anymore for us to go. But, we are still trying to work it out. We're not giving up too easily!

This weekend we are hoping to visit Chris and Vicki in Berrien Springs, MI. Of course, we will have to drive right through the snow-dump of Gary, IN in order to do so. If the weather is predicting flurries, we might not make it. Ooooh...I hope there is no snow! We really want to see them!!

That's it for now. I'm going to whip something up for dinner, then cuddle up on the couch with my hubby and watch tonight's auditions in L.A.


Glenn and Angie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chris's audition the other night. I thought it was so funny how Paula was flipping out, she liked him so much. I think Chris is so cute... ha!!

Vicki said...

yeah, we liked him too! VERY FUNNY! he must've developed that sense of humor while attending bob jones! :) haha anyway, i'm so sad the snow did interfere with our plans but i'm glad you didn't have to be in that mess. we miss you.

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