Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Food Blog

Hey everyone! I started a food blog! It's dangerous, I know, to try to keep up with TWO blogs, but I think the food one will be fun...since it is more of a hobby for me. Ben really encouraged me to start one, so I told him that he will need to make more of an effort to post on this blog so I'm not working double-duty! ha!

The food blog will include pictures of food I've prepared, discussions of restaurant reviews, and any other things that come to mind that may include my favorite past time...FOOD! I definitely married the right guy, too, since food is also his fave!

Since we are on a tight budget while Ben is in school, and have many friends that are also in a similar financial position, I will focus on food that can be made at a cheap price. Therefore, I titled the new blog Pennies on a Platter. Hopefully... we will be able to share penny saving ideas with big money taste!

You can find the link to my new food blog here:

It is also listed on my side bar to this blog page.

I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to leave me comments with your food ideas and restaurants reviews!

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Anonymous said...

hey... I love your blogs... just thought I let you know...

amber (borrello)

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