Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sledding 2009

Two weeks ago we got a ton of snow in just one morning. It was perfect sledding weather. I had to call up my friend, Stephanie, because sledding is one of the things on her list that she wants to do before turning 30. So, she and her husband joined us. We headed out to Blackwell Forest Preserve and found a nice little hill right at the frozen pond.I tried pushing Ben down the hill a few times. In this photo, I think Ben and Brian were racing, but I obviously wasn't getting Ben a good start.
A nice man and his sons were also at the hill and let us use their sled and snowboard. So, I tried my hand at snow-boarding, but didn't make it very far.
Next time I think we'll head back to our house and make some homemade sugar donuts like my mom would do for my me and my sister after ice skating on the pond down the road. Ooohh.. the memories...

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