Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glow and Behold!

Stephanie didn't turn 30, she turned 29. But, she had a party anyway because she wanted to start her last year in her 20's with a BANG! She invited a few of her close girlfriends over for a "glowing" dinner and dessert. The formal invitation requested that her guests wear something that makes us feel like we are glowing! So.. I wore my golden bridesmaid dress from my best friend's wedding over 5 years ago! I was holding on to this dress wanting a reason to wear it again. So, how perfect! Yay that I still fit into it!!

The party was so much fun! The theme was "Glow and Behold." We played a Family Feud style game where the subject was Divas. Who knew that a diva's favorite nail color is hot pink!?

Steph made a fantastic pork tenderloin dinner and served up some little pizza appetizers with drinks. She also gave all of us gifts!

Thanks, Steph, for such a wonderful party! I adore our friendship!

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