Sunday, May 04, 2008

Testing the Water

We installed a new water heater on Tuesday. Before this, Ben was always taking luke-warm showers and I never knew it until two weeks ago when I mentioned that I think we need a new water heater because on the days we get up at the same time, I always have a cold shower.

So we called our wonderful landlord who arranged for the plumber to come over and check it out. Sure enough, we needed a new one.

Since we have gobs of company staying at our house next weekend for Ben's graduation, I wanted to make sure the new water heater would hold up for all the showers. How could I test this out, though, when I get up so early during the week and take my shower...then Ben wakes up about two hours later to take his?

Well, on the weekends we wake up about the same yesterday was my chance. I woke up, took my HOT shower first. Then, I ran two loads of HOT laundry did some dishes in HOT water and flushed the toilet (without actually using it) while Ben was in the shower. Then, I asked Ben if his shower was HOT.... His answer? Yes, very hot.

YAY! Our hot water heater works... and works well.

That's what I call "testing the water".

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