Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello Spring, Meet Ducky!

Spring has finally arrived this week! What a pleasant surprise to see the tree out front starting to blossom. We definitely need to work on our landscaping this year. It's hard, though, to make the decision to put money into landscaping when you don't actually own the house. But, it is our home and Ben likes to work in the yard, so I think we might just bite the bullet this year...if we find time.We had little visitors today. Two ducks were right out front, just wandering around. We normally do not see them around our house...but rather in parks near ponds. So, I had to take a few pictures.I'm excited to enjoy the outdoors and really take advantage of the spring/summer. So far we have great outdoor plans at Wheaton's French market, Montana Charlie's flea market, Seven Gables Park for jogging purposes, Micah's (our friends' son) tee-ball games, camping with our small group, vacationing in Hilton Head, Ben's graduation party, drive-in movies, grilling, couples photos, the beach at Lake Michigan and many other activities we come across. Oh! And, we decided we are going to buy season passes to Wheaton community's Rice Pool. I can't wait to have the liberty to go to the pool this summer and just relax and get a sun tan! :) Last year... I was so white! This year... bye, bye white skin...hello summer tan!

My next mission... trying to find affordable bikes so we can bike on the Prairie Path this year.

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