Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas in Maryland

[Heather & Nikki]

Merry Christmas! We spent our Christmas weekend in Maryland with Ben's family. We forgot to bring our camera, so the only photo I have is the one above that I stole from Heather off Facebook.

The "boys" went on their annual Gladd hunt with the dogs. The gals stayed behind and shopped. I got to hang out with some of Dana and Heather's friends, then Ben and I had the rare chance to catch up with Ben's long-time friend, Dan, before catching our flight home.

The following week (this weekend) my parents and little sister visited us to celebrate the new year and do the Knapp Christmas (minus Ang... we miss you!!). They actually just left a few hours ago. I'll post pics of our weekend later... It's time for bed!

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