Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Crash :(

My car is a magnet for crashes...that always are the fault of the other. Today on my lunch break, on my way back from snatching a free chicken sandwich from McD's, a lady rammed her Toyota Tundra into my wee Toyota Camry. Ahhhh... the annoyance of it all. We leave Saturday for our road trip to Hilton Head and will now be taking a rental car instead.

The crash was obviously the fault of the owner of the Tundra. We were at a 3-way stop, I stopped then drove straight and immediately when I got in front of her she pulled out and drove right into the side of my car and damaged my rear passenger-side door/tire/quarter-panel/bumper.

She was waiting to turn left from her side of the 3-way stop and tried to blame the crash on me because she stated I went out of turn!

It's strange that she tried to say the crash was my fault, when we both were going less than 15 mph yet she still managed to HIT me. I know she just didn't see me because she didn't even start driving from the stop sign until after I was already in front of her.

I tried to be nice, offered my cell phone, smiled and waved at her child in the back seat...yet I still got dirty looks from her.... but smiles from the child. Ooohh... the sweet innocence of children.

Above is the back of the policy report where I was instructed to draw the illustration of the crash. I have to send this in within 10 days or my drivers license will be suspended. Interesting.

Just pray the insurance goes through and is determined that it was indeed her fault. The police did not issue a ticket, but they did list her name first on the report, which is an indication that he believes it was her fault. We do not want to get stuck with paying for the rental... (unfortunately we didn't sign up with our insurance for the rental coverage). It's not like Michigan, either...where they have weird "no-fault" insurance policies. So, her insurance should have to pay for everything.

On a lighter note, we're still very excited to go on vacation. Again, we leave Saturday for Hilton Head Island. We'll stay Saturday night at our favorite half-way spot, Nashville, and stay with Marlena and Devin. Then arrive in Hilton Head on Sunday and leave on Friday to head up to North Carolina and visit Clay and Heather...then head home on Sunday.


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oversized SUV's and Trucks.

always endangering the environment and other drivers on the road.

but hey, their kids are always safe though right?

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