Monday, February 11, 2008

Four Car Crash

Yes... I was in a "4-car pile up" Saturday. No no no.. don't worry. No one was hurt, and my car barely has a scratch on it. And, it wasn't my fault! :)

My friend, Michelle, and I were on our way to the mall and were stopped at a traffic light with two cars stopped behind us. There was also another stop light not too far behind us. Another little white car decided to race through the yellow light without noticing the stopped traffic in front of him. So, I heard a CRASH, looked in my rearview and saw the van behind me lunge forward, then .... tap!... my car was ... well... just tapped!

So, not that you need further explaining... but the car who caused the crash slammed into a car, that then hit the van in front of her, who tapped us. The first car was totaled. The poor guy must've broken his nose from the airbag because his eyes and face were immediately bruised. Everyone else seemed okay, except the lady behind us with her husband... who was a little too dramatic.

I had my camera on me, so I took a few pics. They aren't very good. I didn't really take the time to take any good ones.

I've counted my blessings and am grateful no one was hurt and that our car wasn't damaged. Plus, the policeman made mine and Michelle's day right before we left when he said "You ladies look like you could be on TV!" hahahaha Was that a compliment? :)(My car is in front of the van)

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