Saturday, May 12, 2007

Google Image Search

Here are the rules: Put the answer to the question in Google Image search function, and you have to use the FIRST image that comes up--you can't use quotation marks when you search:

The city and state you were born in: Grand Rapids, Michigan
The big building with the slanted roof is the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel where we had our rehearsal dinner and where we stayed our first night after our wedding. Aaron and Emily also stayed here for their 1-year anniversary.

The city and state you grew up in, that you consider "home": Belding, Michigan

The city and state where you currently live: Wheaton, Illinois

Your first and last name: Nikki Gladd

Yeah, not sure who that is... they say his name is Bobby Gladd.

Your grandmother's name: Mary Jane Borrello
Again, no idea...hmmm.

Your favorite food: pepperoni pizza
yuck...this pizza looks nasty

Your preferred drink: Sweet TeaYour favorite smell: new house
A favorite song: Our Wedding Song by Dan Rood
A place you have lived: Nashville, Tennessee
A place you have worked: Hallmark Services Corporation

A place you want to visit: Napa Valley, California

That wasn't too interesting... Oh well. Maybe you can repost this on your blog and come up with better pics.

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I just copied you at my blog!

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