Sunday, December 17, 2006

Penchant for Stockings

Flurries, ice, bitter cold, and lots of hot chocolate mark the Christmas spirit. But despite the overwhelming holiday barrage, one item eclipses all others--the stockings. I'm not sure exactly when or where I became fascinated with them, but it happened sometime in my youth. At around 5am, my brothers and I would scurry downstairs and tear into our stockings that were filled to the brim with all sorts of treasures. Usually, I would find cd's (Ron Hamilton or the like), gum, chocolate, small games, and sugar pops. We had hit the jackpot. I suspect the most valuable of all the items was silly putty, an ingenious invention that conforms to almost anything and can mirror newspaper text and cartoons.
Such holiday euphoria was too good to last forever. Sometime during my high school days, things changed. Christmas was, to a large extent, forgotten. You see, though my presents remained glorious, my stockings began to crumble. Candy was replaced with toothpaste. CD's were substituted for pens and pencils. And, most of all, silly putty was superceded by oranges. Oranges!
Now maybe, just maybe, my stockings will return to their glorious state. It could be this
Christmas or at the eschaton. If any of you have been victimized by a similar unfortunate event, please, by all means, share you heart.


Anonymous said...

Michael's grandmother is infamous for white flaky deodorant and floss...
Emily Allen

Vicki Lindsey said... fact, this year the stocking completely diminished! apparently it was too hard and expensive to fill it with things we actually wanted/needed, so we'd end up with things that would be tossed! :)

VICKI said...

oh, and can i also add that you write just beautifully. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this post!

Kara Graves said...

I agree with Vicki, it is addicting to read your blogs, you have a way of writing that makes it feel like a true conversation...story style!

Brian said...

silly putty is one of the best unncecessary inventions next to slinky, and sea monkeys.

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