Monday, December 04, 2006

London Fog

My ever-so-tired self did not realize that our first blog deceived our readers into thinking we will be moving to London next year. While that may seem like an exciting adventure, the real adventure will only last two months. We will spend two months next Fall at Cambridge University in the Tyndale House so Ben can finish some researching for his dissertation. So, Kristin, have no fear...we'll still be here before and after.

Dan and Erin are already planning a visit, along with possibly my sister and my parents. Come one, come all if you are willing to sleep on the floor in our tiny one-bedroom flat. :)

Now to give some details of this last weekend. Chris (why is it that I always type "Christ" instead of "Chris" then need to backspace to delete the "t") and Vicki drove to us from Detroit with their gorgeous little baby, Genesis Nicole (who I have to add is name after me!). hehe We visited the King Tut exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum. This part of the trip was more for Chris and Ben since Vicki, Genesis, and I would have rather spent the $75 at H&M (yes, they have baby clothes, too). However, it ended up being a pleasantly intoxicating experience. Not really... but I thought using the word "intoxicating" would spice up this blog a little. I honestly did find the exhibit pretty interesting none-the less (how is the spelled out?). Josh and Kara, we missed having you with us!

Then, of course, Friday evening we had to give the virgin-Lindseys their first Claim Jumper experience! So, we filled our appetites with yummy potato cakes, chicken pot pie, tri-tip dip, shoe-string fries, some sort of exotic sweet potato, and berry pie! Unfortunately, when we left our front left tire was flat! So Ben and Chris had to change it in the freeeezing (and I mean FREEZING) weather while Vicki, Genesis, and I sat comfortably in the back seat of the warm car. So, we had Vicki changing diapers this weekend, and Chris changing tires.

Saturday morning we met up with my parents and lil' sis to spend the day Christmas shopping in Chicago. wasn't much of shopping, more like a day of hanging out together trying to brave out the freezing wind and falling ice from the skyscrapers and pushing people out of the way to try to get in line for a free trolley that didn't arrive until after 45 minutes of shivvering, wiping my nose, covering my dad's bare ears, and almost brawling with a spanish lady in front of me. :) It's not as dramatic as it sounds... but there was definitely potential.

I've attached some pics of the weekend. Now I'm going to sign off to enjoy my season's favorite show, Heroes!


Kara Graves said...

I love all the pictures! Josh and I missed being able to come, I want to see y'all and see Chicago! (I have never been!). Once the new year hits I will have more vacation days to play with!

Trey O'Rear said...

Heroes...Is Ben in that show????

Chris said...

Ha!! Mr. Yuckface strikes again!! Many men will cower in fear from sheer awe of the yuck in my face.
Or at least help in changing that tire in sub-arctic temperatures.
Love you guys!

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